Adapting to changing times

Since the financial crisis in 2008, banking activity in Switzerland as well as in the rest of the world has been under great pressure, the safe and discreet side of this small country has been undermined. The large banks make the headlines regularly and thus gradually lose the confidence of their customers.

Forward Capital SA was created to address the structural changes in the financial sector, in order to give its customers sleep.

Forward Capital SA is not just a wealth management company offering advice, traditional mandates or special mandates, but offering services that banks do not offer or no longer. Thanks to its « family office » activity, its services go far beyond asset management:

  • Diversification: several accounts in different banks managed by a single manager
  • Management from Geneva of all client assets
  • Proposals for adapted solutions to future changes
  • Creation of foundations and trusts to preserve the capital of the heirs
  • Creation fo Swiss companies for foreign clients
  • Family Office: Insurances, taxes, schools, art, real estate etc..